Babelscape is committed to carrying out research and develop technological innovation at the highest level in the field of multilingual Natural Language Understanding with a strong emphasis on neuro-symbolic approaches which combine knowledge graphs with deep learning models.

All Babelscape products are the result of important investments in Research & Development (R&D), which are covered by the following macro-projects:

  • Semantic Natural Language Understanding: probably the most central goal of our company is to devise novel approaches that can determine the meaning of texts independently of the language they are written in, by associating words and phrases with concepts (Word Sense Disambiguation), entities (entity linking), predicates and their arguments (Semantic Role Labeling), the meaning structure formalisms (semantic parsing) etc.
  • Personalizable Multilingual Knowledge Graphs, by creating large multilingual domain-oriented or need-oriented knowledge graphs starting from datasets and term banks.
  • TraDeInterpret, where we enable the semantic interpretation of strings (trademarks) across all EU languages depending on the Nice classes and the Goods & Services description of the trademark.
  • KnowGraphs, a scientific project involving 15 Early-Stage Researchers, 2 of which are Babelscape's employees (see below).

Babelscape is currently funding 5 industrial PhD positions for its employees based on agreements with the Sapienza University of Rome to carry out research.

Scientific Projects

Babelscape is involved in cutting-edge research projects, including the following EU-funded Initial Training Network:

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Knowledge graphs (KGs) are a flexible knowledge representation paradigm intended to allow knowledge to be consumed by humans and machines. KGs are widely regarded as a key enabler for a number of increasingly popular technologies including Web search, question answering, personal assistants and AI across most sectors including Industry 4.0, personalized medicine, legislation, economics and more. KGs are now used by several large companies as a key component of their data products. However, while they are rightly praised as a key technology for all future data-driven enterprises and regarded as a promising approach towards “blurring the lines between human and machine”, KGs are currently unattainable for the majority of companies and users.


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Outstanding Paper Award
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REDFM: a Filtered and Multilingual Relation Extraction Dataset
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Alessandro Scirè, Simone Conia, Simone Ciciliano, Roberto Navigli
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Third Workshop on Figurative Language (EMNLP 2022)
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