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Our best products are available as REST APIs on Babelscape API Console.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get started with Natural Language Processing, look no further than Babelscape's NLP APIs.
These APIs are designed to be simple and easy to use, yet powerful. With just a few lines of code you can get started on your NLP project in no time.

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Our products

Emotionary logo circle
New product


the next-generation AI that tags and extracts the emotions within the text

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WordAtlas logo circle


the next-generation multilingual knowledge graph based on BabelNet

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NLP Pipeline logo circle

NLP Pipeline

enable large-scale processing of text in many languages

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Comprehendo logo circle


disambiguate and understand text in hundreds of languages

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Extraggo logo circle


distill knowledge from text and organize key concepts, domains and sentiment

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Semantic Paths logo circle

Semantic Paths

an intelligent, multilingual semantic search engine and information monitor

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myKnowledgeGraph logo circle


high-performance creation of multilingual enterprise knowledge graphs

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TraDeInterpret logo circle


revolutionize the way you work with trademark denominations

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LexTag logo circle


easy annotation and validation of word senses and concepts

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Solutions for your business

Business solution: publishing and media

Publishing and media

Babelscape provides solutions for processing your newspaper articles in arbitrary languages and performing semantic tagging, which can be exploited by users when navigating content via semantic search and by journalists to better annotate and interconnect their work, also across languages.

Business solution: Pharmaceutical


Babelscape supports pharmaceutical companies by extracting knowledge from many different sources (from structured, like databases, to unstructured, like free text). Access to medical literature and information has never been so easy, enabling monitoring competitors, and obtaining insights for product development and other valuable practices.

Business solution: survey and market research

Survey and market research

Companies do market research to discover what consumers think about products or brands. Babelscape solutions help analyze data and extract insights faster and with high accuracy across languages.

Business solution: social media

Social media

People use social media to express their own opinions. As a consequence, social media are a mine of information about customers, but managing them is hard. We extract information from posts and comments written in arbitrary languages and summarize the knowledge extracted in many different ways.

Business solution: financial services

Financial services

The financial market is one of the key fields where Natural Language Processing can be applied successfully: to obtain insights about competitors' business strategies, market trends and investments. Babelscape's key advantage over alternative solutions is multilinguality and wide coverage of domain concepts and entities.

Business solution: law, patents and trademarks

Law, patents and trademarks

We provide specialized solutions for helping officials and consultants in the pre-registration process, by checking the validity of a trademark or patent. We also offer solutions for building law-specific semantic search engines.

About us

Babelscape is a deep tech company founded in 2016 focused on multilingual Natural Language Processing with the main goal of enabling multilinguality and text understanding in customers' applications which deal with text in different ways. We place ourselves on the market with very high professional profiles and the ability to tailor our solutions to the customers' needs.

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