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Language generation, semantically grounded
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  • Oxford University Press
  • University of Florida

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Publishing and media

Babelscape enhances media content management by processing multilingual newspaper articles and providing semantic tagging. This supports semantic search for users and assists journalists in annotating and linking their work across languages.


We assist pharmaceutical companies in harnessing knowledge from diverse sources, facilitating competitor monitoring and insight gathering for product development and strategic initiatives.

Market Research

Discover consumer perceptions and market trends through our advanced analysis tools, which deliver precise insights across multiple languages, empowering your market research strategies.

Social Media

Social media platforms are rich with user opinions. Babelscape simplifies the extraction and summarization of multilingual content from these platforms, turning vast amounts of data into manageable and actionable insights.

Law, patents and trademarks

We provide specialized solutions for helping officials and consultants in the pre-registration process, by checking the validity of a trademark or patent. We also offer solutions for building law-specific semantic search engines.

Why Babelscape?

Multilinguality and Semantic Grounding

At Babelscape, we excel in delivering multilingual solutions that transcend the capabilities of traditional models by combining advanced large language models with our state-of-the-art multilingual knowledge graph, WordAtlas.

Our systems are designed to capture, interpret and interconnect a wide range of concepts, entities, relations and emotions.

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Performance beyond the state of the art

Babelscape sets new benchmarks in NLP performance, consistently delivering results that surpass the current state of the art.

Our innovative algorithms and continuous research efforts enable us to tackle complex language processing challenges more effectively, providing our clients with superior tools that stay ahead of technological advancements.

Performance beyond the state of the art illustration

Secure data management

We prioritize the security and integrity of your data. Babelscape employs advanced encryption and rigorous data protection protocols to safeguard your information at every step of the processing chain.

This secure approach ensures that your data remains confidential, compliant, and shielded from vulnerabilities, providing you with a reliable foundation for data-driven decision-making.

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Babelscape is a proud sponsor of the top-tier conferences in Natural Language Processing: ACL and EACL 2024.

Research & Publications

Babelscape is committed to carrying out research and develop technological innovation at the highest level in the field of multilingual Natural Language Understanding with a strong emphasis on neuro-symbolic approaches which combine multilingual knowledge graphs with deep learning models.

Out latest publications:

Semantic Role Labeling
Roberto Navigli, Pasquale Silvestri, Marco Lo Pinto, Dennis Rotondi, Simone Ciciliano, Alessandro Scirè
NounAtlas: Filling the Gap in Nominal Semantic Role Labeling
Proceedings of ACL 2024
Large Language Models
Stefano Perrella, Lorenzo Proietti, Alessandro Scirè, Edoardo Barba, Roberto Navigli
Guardians of the Machine Translation Meta-Evaluation Sentinel Metrics Fall In!
Proceedings of ACL 2024

What’s new at Babelscape

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Research and Publications

Babelscape Celebrates Acceptance of Two Papers at NAACL 2024

Babelscape is thrilled to announce its participation in the NAACL 2024 conference. We are proud to share that two of our papers have been accepted: CNER: Concept and Named Entity Recognition and MOSAICo: a Multilingual Open-text Semantically Annotated Interlinked Corpus.

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Press Release

Babelscape and Atex: AI Text Analytics for Publishers

Atex adds a new 'Text Analytics and Smart Tagging' module to their AI-powered publishing platform.

This new feature specifically uses multilingual natural language processing (NLP) to process text in any language, and extract key concepts, entities and domains, to then recommend accurate taxonomic labels, so editors can improve content discoverability, and increase publisher revenues.

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Case Study

Revolutionizing News Article Annotation with LexTag

Discover how Babelscape's LexTag leverages its advanced annotation capabilities to tackle the complex challenges of the newspaper industry. From enhancing NER labeling, improving domain classification to refining entity linking, LexTag stands at the forefront of automating content analysis and enriching the reader's experience with unparalleled precision.

Join us on a journey through the innovative integration of technology and language, where every word is a step towards revolutionizing the way we understand news content!

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