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Introducing Emotionary, the state-of-the-art multilingual AI system that identifies language abuse, and detects and tags emotions from text. With its ability to detect who feels emotion, towards whom and why, Emotionary goes beyond simple sentiment analysis. It analyzes text including media posts, news, product reviews and chatbot conversations to uncover a diverse range of emotions, providing valuable insights for industries such as marketing, publishing and customer service.

Emotionary also offers advanced language analysis, and can identify different kinds of expressions, such as offensive or vulgar ones, at the semantic level.

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Case Study

Tracking Emotions Globally: Emotionary's Impact on Brand Strategy

Discover the power of emotion in global brand strategy with our latest case study on Emotionary. This insightful analysis showcases how advanced sentiment analysis and emotional intelligence can unlock deeper consumer insights, enhance brand monitoring, and drive strategic decisions across multiple languages and markets. Explore the transformative journey of a leading technology consultancy and learn how Emotionary is setting new standards in understanding and engaging with global audiences. Click to dive deeper into the case study and uncover the future of brand engagement with Emotionary.

Why Emotionary

Emotionary helps you:

  • analyze customer reviews, feedback, and survey responses
  • track feelings in social media posts, comments, and conversations
  • follow the evolution of your customer’s sentiment or employees’ sentiment over time
  • moderate social platforms and chat rooms
  • monitor customer satisfaction when interacting with chatbots
  • aggregate emotional information across languages
  • discover abrupt changes in emotion over time

Sentiment Analysis

On top of its fine-grained emotion detection capability, Emotionary has just added a new six-class sentiment model to aggregate overall sentiment of the entire input document!

The sentiment ranges from very positive to very negative and it also recognizes neutral and mixed sentiment.

Emotionary: sentiment analysis

Language Analysis

The language analysis module of Emotionary recognizes the use of offensive, vulgar, violent language, and even more. This allows for the detection of potentially harmful or inappropriate content and provides a powerful tool for creating safe and regulated online environments.

The process is done on the semantic level, which means that typos, censored text and netspeak are taken into consideration, resulting in a high-accuracy analysis of the text.


    Offensive, derogatory or disparaging expressions


    Expressions used with a sexual connotation


    Expressions characterized by vulgar meaning


    Expressions that have a violent connotation in a physical sense


    Expressions that can be deemed violent in a non-physical way e.g. cyberbullying


    Expressions that might hurt someone's sensitivity

Emotion Analysis

Emotionary's advanced multilingual AI system has been created to analyze the world of emotion and opinion that can be found in text of any kind. It can identify both positive emotions like love and joy, as well as negative emotions like anger and hate.

Emotionary offers a comprehensive solution by not only detecting the emotions, but also revealing who feels the emotion, who or what the target is, and the reason behind the expression.


Customize your emotion set

Emotionary can be tailored to suit your specific needs. If you need to recognize a custom emotion, we can make that happen. Our team of experts can help you design, create and fine tune an emotion set that fits your specific project. We provide continuous support to ensure you get the most out of your Emotionary experience.

Custom emotion set

Use cases

Emotionary can be used for a plethora of use cases, including but not limited to:

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With Emotionary, you will have a powerful tool at your fingertips to help you better interpret and aggregate the emotions behind any text.

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