Case Study:

Tracking Emotions Globally: Emotionary's Impact on Brand Strategy

The client

A global brand monitoring and consumer analytics technology consultancy, was seeking improved social listening capabilities for more than fifty brand partners, across dozens of product categories, and consumer segments, spanning more than 20 multilingual global markets.

The challenge

The task at hand was to leverage Babelscape’s advanced AI-driven multilingual text analytics suite to accomplish more than just identifying named entities, keywords, brands, and products. The objective extended to empowering marketers with the ability to decode the subtleties of emotion and sentiment communicated through social media posts and reviews.

This challenge encompassed analyzing both brief and extensive text segments across a multitude of languages, presenting a complex task of understanding the diverse linguistic nuances conveyed by global consumers.

The solution

While there are dozens of sentiment analytics tools and models in the market, the Emotionary model, based on state-of-the-art research, performed to the same benchmark scores, and in most instances scored better, than other available tools, and at or above the Emotionary subscription price point.

Emotionary is a one-of-a-kind, industry recognized solution for performing multilingual emotion and language analysis, at the semantic level. It is one core component of the Babelscape Pipeline, our suite of multilingual semantic-powered text analytics products. A SaaS product that includes intuitive access and a high-performing back-end processing and delivery system, that offers cloud supported scalability for international clients.

How it works

Emotionary transcends traditional sentiment analysis by pinpointing emotions in text across multiple languages. Tailored for global brand monitoring and consumer analytics, it adeptly identifies not just the presence of emotions but also delineates who is feeling what, towards which aspect of a brand, and why. This granular insight into emotional dynamics is crucial for our client, allowing them to dissect consumer sentiment across product reviews, social media feedback, and other digital conversations.

By integrating Emotionary, our client can now effortlessly track the evolution of consumer sentiment over time. This capability enables them to pinpoint exactly what customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with, making it an indispensable tool for refining marketing strategies and improving product offerings. Moreover, Emotionary's nuanced language analysis helps identify and categorize various expressions, including those deemed offensive or vulgar, thus ensuring brand communication remains pristine across all digital platforms.

In essence, Emotionary equips our client with the capability to seamlessly aggregate emotional insights from diverse global markets, offering a comprehensive view of brand perception and user sentiment that is pivotal for making informed, strategic decisions.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of global markets, harnessing the power of emotion and sentiment analysis is crucial for brands aiming to deeply connect with their audiences. One of our esteemed partners shares their experience with Emotionary, illustrating its transformative impact on their brand monitoring and consumer analytics strategies:

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