Semantic Paths
— An intelligent, multilingual semantic search engine and information monitor
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Semantic Paths: search, correlate and monitor knowledge, people and entities

Semantic Paths brings together the power of Babelscape's neuro-symbolic multilingual text processing which includes state-of-the-art Word Sense Disambiguation and Entity Linking, concept extraction and personalized knowledge graph creation to:

  • create a customized intelligent search engine along several custom dimensions (e.g., for a research body of work, scientific papers, researchers, institutions, concepts, macroareas; for a company's document base, documents, companies and people involved, concepts, etc.)
  • monitor the information within the knowledge graph and the underlying document base in order to see how it evolves over time
  • discover connections and correlations between people, documents, articles, concepts, companies, entities and much more
  • share the connections you discover!

Semantic Paths is fully personalizable with your dimensions and categories of interest to highlight in the search results, seamlessly scales to multiple languages and needs only a document base as a starting point!

How does it work?

Once it is up and running, you just:

  • type someone's name, any term matching a concept or area in the multilingual knowledge graph, a company name etc.
  • check and monitor the resulting information connections across dimensions
  • further refine the search
  • share the results of your search

Use case: Scientific Research

A real-world application of SemanticPaths is when you want to search for scientific articles, experts, research bodies and concepts within one or more scientific areas. We therefore launched our semantic search service for two top-tier Natural Language Processing conferences:

Starting from an article or a certain topic, you can see who is most relevant and which institutions are most active in that area. Vice versa, you can see which articles are a must-read and which authors are most active in a given area or topic of interest.

SemanticPaths: scientific research

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