— easy annotation and validation of word senses and concepts
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Create your semantically-annotated datasets with LexTag

LexTag is a user-friendly annotation interface that allows the user to annotate text (terms, sentences, documents) with meanings coming from existing knowledge graphs and dictionaries, such as WordNet, Wiktionary, WordAtlas, including domain-oriented resources, glossaries, online resource APIs and custom dictionaries of your choice.

You can use use LexTag to:

  • annotate text with meanings from any kind of dictionary
  • add, delete and edit word senses in the dictionary
  • monitor the annotation using different views and tools
  • manage your users and assign annotation tasks

Case Study

Introducing Babelscape's LexTag: Revolutionizing News Article Annotation with LexTag.

In this case study, we delve into the transformative power of LexTag in the realm of news article annotation. Discover how Babelscape’s LexTag leverages its advanced annotation capabilities to tackle the complex challenges of the newspaper industry. From enhancing NER labeling, improving domain classification to refining entity linking, LexTag stands at the forefront of automating content analysis and enriching the reader’s experience with unparalleled precision. Join us on a journey through the innovative integration of technology and language, where every word is a step towards revolutionizing the way we understand news content!

User features

  • Select a word and assign the correct meaning from the inventory pane
  • Annotate the same dataset with multiple dictionaries at once
  • Group multiple words into multi-word expressions
  • Improve your dictionaries by adding, editing and removing senses
  • Expedite the tagging process by using keyboard shortcuts
  • Automatically skip function words
  • User-specific annotation preferences
  • Search by lemma and:
    • Use bulk annotation to assign a meaning to multiple occurrences
    • Leverage the two-level annotation process with silver and gold tags
    • Filter by sense, annotation level and status
  • and many more!
LexTag: annotation tool features
LexTag: annotation tool admin features

Admin features

  • Manage datasets and assign specific tasks to your users
  • Organize the annotation work into batches
  • Use your own custom dictionaries for annotation
  • Choose which settings to activate for each dataset
  • Import and export your data in a variety of formats: CONLL-U, JSON and JSONL (more can be made available)
LexTag: annotation tool admin features

How LexTag works

Import your data:
  • Select your preferred dictionary (e.g. WordAtlas, open or custom dictionaries)
  • Upload data in your preferred format
LexTag: data import feature
Create annotation tasks for your users:
  • Split your data into batches
  • Assign users to batches
  • Verify their completion status
LexTag: user task creation
Annotate batches:
  • Tag words with their most suitable meanings
  • Group words into new multiword expressions
  • Create, edit and delete the dictionary meanings dynamically
LexTag: user task creation
Export your annotated data:
  • Select the data you want to export
  • Choose your preferred format (CONLL-U, JSON, JSONL)
LexTag: user task creation

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