— Multilinguality at your fingertips

Our multilingual Natural Language Pipeline

large-scale, parallel, multilingual and modularized

Our multilingual Natural Language pipeline is the core of our technology and enables large-scale processing of text in many languages. We are committed to high accuracy and speed in all tasks.

Key features include:

  • coverage of several languages
  • independent modules run in parallel
  • availability both as an online service and as an offline software

Semantics in your hands!

Our solutions are inherently multilingual thanks to three key components which implement the most advanced multilingual semantic techniques for:

  • Lexical knowledge representation
  • Text understanding and disambiguation
  • Concept and entity extraction, domain and sentiment analysis


— revolutionize the way you work with trademark denominations

The Trademark Denomination Interpreter is a perfect showcase of Babelscape's unique technologies: it customizes the Natural Language pipeline for intra-word morphological analysis of denominations; it exploits Comprehendo to understand what is conveyed by trademark denominations; it leverages WordAtlas to extract concepts across languages together with their definitions for later inspection by trademark experts.

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