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Our products

Our products enable multilinguality in your Human Language Technology applications. We provide several solutions for multilingual text processing and analytics:

Knowledge graph Babelscape's knowledge graph

Our multilingual knowledge graph is built on top of BabelNet®, the largest multilingual semantic network, encyclopedic dictionary and knowledge repository for multilingual applications, which covers 14 million concepts and named entities in 270+ languages.

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Babelfy Enable effective understanding in any language

Babelfy is the only system on the market able to jointly perform word sense disambiguation and entity linking in 270 languages with state-of-the-art performance across standard benchmarks. It also features an agnostic setting in which languages can be mixed up.

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Babeltex Extract the juice from your multilingual document bases (alpha version)

BabelTex extracts and ranks the key concepts and named entities from your multilingual document bases using joint statistical and semantic techniques. Documents are tranformed into general or domain-specific knowledge graphs.

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About us

Logo La Sapienza Babelscape is a Sapienza startup company founded in 2016 and focused on enabling multilinguality in a user's applications. Our goal is to make human knowledge accessible to the world in simple, effective and innovative ways. Logo La Sapienza

Babelscape goes beyond the current landscape by providing cutting edge multilingual semantic technologies that seamlessly integrate, extend and manipulate encyclopedic and dictionary knowledge from heterogeneous sources, enriched with audio and visual content.

The company's core mission is the creation and exploitation of the richest semantic network and knowledge base, covering the largest possible variety of languages and knowledge facets in machine-readable form.

Thanks to knowledge transfer from the internationally renowned Natural Language Processing research group headed by prof. Roberto Navigli, we place ourselves on the market with very high professional profiles and the ability to provide a special attention to our clients' needs.

Francesco Maria Tucci

co-founder & CEO

Co-founder and CEO, Francesco is a technology enthusiast responsible for the vision of the company and its marketing strategies.

Roberto Navigli

co-founder & CTO

Inspirer and co-founder, Roberto provides the scientific and technical lead. He is also a full professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Sapienza University of Rome.


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